Mat Cutting Tutorial

Have you ever taken something to have it framed? It’s expensive! One of the most practical things I’ve ever learned is how to mat my own art. Read on to learn exactly how to cut beveled mats with our classroom’s Logan 302 mat cutter. (Other brands and models utilize a similar technique.) Step 1: ┬áCut … More Mat Cutting Tutorial

Practicing Mindfulness

Our challenge to you is to spend 10 minutes a day focusing only on your breath. Close your eyes, breathe in for a slow count of 4 and out for a slow count of 8. Focus on the inhale, then focus on the exhale. Try to think of nothing but the act of breathing. If other thoughts creep in, acknowledge that your mind has wandered, then bring focus back to your breath. Try doing this for five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening. After a week, leave a comment below on how this exercise has made you feel! … More Practicing Mindfulness


Imagine a place where everyone is kind to each other. They encourage each other, they perform selfless acts, they smile. Now stop imagining, and make it happen!! … More Kindness